Our Technology

Clarity Vision Technologies is developing a safe, non-invasive treatment for vision correction, opening up new avenues to patients.
Our procedure only uses one low-powered laser and requires no cutting of the tissue, thus eliminating the fear out of correcting your vision.

Our Procedure

Developed in the labs at Columbia University, our procedure relies on precise low-powered laser pulses that do not cut or ablate tissue. Instead, there is a controlled adjustment of the cornea’s curvature, which results in corrected vision for a range of refractive errors.
Procedure steps
Rendering of eye treatment

Laser treatment ionizes the H20 in the cornea, which generates reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Rendering of fibers in the cornea

ROS interacts with collagen fibrils in the cornea, which results in the formation of crosslinks.

Rendering of corneal curvature

These biochemical changes lead to amendment of corneal curvature.

The Benefits

Unlike traditional laser refractive surgery, we provide a non-invasive procedure that does not require cutting.
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Our non-invasive procedure requires no tissue ablation, which reduces side effects.

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Our procedure can treat a range of refractive errors and allows for repeat treatments.

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We can help millions of more patients compared to alternative laster refractive surgeries.

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Cost Effective

Our innovative one step approach uses only one laser, greatly reducing device cost.

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